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About Karya

We are the world's first data cooperative enabling economic opportunities for rural Indians. We capture, label and annotate data for our clients with high accuracy, and in doing so, we provide critical, supplementary income to people in rural communities.

Meet the core team

  • Manu Chopra

    Co-Founder | CEO

  • Vivek Seshadri

    Co-Founder | CTO

  • Safiya Husain

    Head of Social Mobility

  • Nitin Jerath

    Head of Design

  • Karan Kothari

    Head of Sales

  • Aditya Yadavalli

    Speech Engineer

  • Sai Raj Reddy

    Chief of Staff

  • Jeevitha Satheeshkumar

    Execution Lead

  • Divyansh Kushwaha

    Software Engineer

  • Meetakshi Setiya

    Software Engineer

  • Deepanshu Pratik

    Software Engineer

  • Aditya Batra

    Sales Associate

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